Everyday Ordinary Theologies 
is a touchstone for the spiritual seeker.

An invitation to awaken the mystic’s heart,
inspire the believer, and stimulate the skeptic.

A reminder to pause and celebrate
life and love in its many splendid and diverse forms.

A call to Love in action in an aching
and joyful global community.

     A sacred summons to stay with faith, hope
and love as we endeavor to be beloved community.

An opportunity to bear witness to all that is Holy in our everyday ordinary lives.

Welcome to Everyday Ordinary Theologies!

I am glad you have decided to join me in this spectacular journey of intentional, mindful, and engaged spiritual living.  Here is what you will find on this website:

The Quest for spiritual living begins with the decision to be intentionally and mindfully connected to Life, Love and all that is Holy. These pages and posts will offer thoughts to ponder and questions to deepen the journey.

Faith in Action is a traditional blog exploring current justice issues, interfaith dialogue and action, and international ministries. Turn to the legislative ministry page for rally speeches,  press releases, and legislative testimony at the core of Unitarian Universalism.  

Worship Resources is a depository of worship liturgy (chalice lightings, opening and closing words, prayers) sermons, rituals and services. Links to my favorite worship resources are included on this site.  I hope you will find resources and inspiration to touch your heart, inspire your thoughts, and nourish your soul along the way.