Burning the Mortgage

Just as life is a grand mystery… from whence we come and from where we go… so to is this mortgage… from whence it comes is just that, a mystery. Lost in institutional history is knowledge of where the church mortgage originated.

But today, unlike the grand mystery, we do know where it goes. It goes into the achieves as something that was, a memory past of the many boards over time who have diligently wrote this line item into the budget; a memory past of the many treasurers over time who have diligently written a check once a month to meet this financial obligation, a memory past of the many members over time who have pledged to this congregation so that this line item, this obligation could one day be stamped paid in full.

Let it be know that on _______{date}________ {name}, UUCC Treasurer will be the last treasurer to write the last check in payment of this financial obligation.

And, let it be written in UUCC historical achieves that on June 5, 2011, {name}, UUCC Board present stood before us and burned the mortgage as the congregation sang “Amen”.

Pianist leads the congregation in singing “Amen” the mortgage is burned.