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Look Around This Room…

Look around this room

these are your people.

These are your people,

in a long hard work of 

confronting systemic evils, and

creating more just equitable world community. 

These are your partners,

in the walk with mother earth.

in the work of sustaining creator.

Go in peace, take with you wisdom;

   wisdom to see clearly.

Go in peace, take with you strength; 

   strength to demand justice.

Go in peace, take with you courage; 

   courage to climb that mountaintop.

Go in peace, Take with you 

  love that is fierce and bold and revolutionary. 

May you know your journey, your life and this call to turn this world around is both sacred and blessed.

So maybe if be, Amen.

MLK Benediction

MLK Dinner Portland, ME. January 16, 2018

Be still, my friends for just one more minute.
Look to the person on your left and look to the person on your right.
Look to the person across the table and across the room.
These are your people.
We, my friends, are the keepers of the dream.
Powers greater than ours sanction and sustain our call
to stand up, speak up and demand
nothing less than justice and equality for all.
In this room we have been graced with all that we need.
Gather up the strength and the wisdom.
Gather up truth and justice.
Gather up light and goodness.
The future is expecting us.
The time is now.
Life calls us on.
May we be granted bold courage.
May we be embolden with radical hope.
May our lives be a living expression of Revolutionary Love.
Go in peace.
Go in love.
Take what you find here
back with you into the world.
There is much to be done
and the world needs the grace of God’s finest
abundant in this time and place.
So may it be, Amen.