Faith in Action

Justice Ministry

My faith calls me to respond to the world’s injustice, to speak up, to speak out, to stand with the oppressed, suffering, and persecuted. Speaking truth to power is our Unitarian Universalist call to action. Standing on the Side of Love is our platform.

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Legislative Ministry

In answering the call to serve a capital city congregation in Augusta, Maine, my commitment to legislative ministry has grown exponentially. As a founding steering committee member of the Maine Unitarian Universalist State Advocacy Network, I join Unitarian Universalists statewide in the work to bring our values and our principles to the public arena. As a past Steering Committee member of Religious Coalition against Deiscrimiatnoin and present member of the Board of Trustees for the Maine Council of Churches, I join people of faith and no-faith from a diversity of religious traditions in bringing the faith voice into public debate and policy decisions.

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InterFaith Ministry

At the heart of my ministry is a core commitment to interfaith relationships. Learning to listen to each other’s stories and deepest convictions with respect is vital in the twenty-first century.  We listen not to change each other’s worldviews and belief systems but rather to better understand what inspires each other toward what is right and good.  We seek to celebrate our differences and join together in our shared values. It is not about what God we do or do not believe in; it is about what goodness we will promote in the name of Love.

Stop by this blog to be a part of multi faith discourse and actions.

International Ministry

Mid-Maine YoUUth service learning trip to Safe Passages, Guatemala. In the summer of 2017  eighteen youth from Unitarian Universalist congregations in Augusta, Rockland, Belfast, Bangor, and Ellsworth participated in a service learning trip to Safe Passages. Safe Passages disrupts the cycle of poverty by engaging youth and families to build and drive a continuum of services that supports student success and community development.

Partner Church Ministry in Wales, UK. In January and February of 2015, I had the privilege of visiting the Welsh Unitarians in the South and Southeast Districts.  I returned to the United States inspired by their religious stories and their commitment to keep their Unitarian faith, values and principles relevant in a time when religious life is changing and in a country where the religious landscape is experiencing dramatic shifts. In June 2015, I return to Wales with one question, “How and where can I/ will I serve our shared faith?”

Chiapas, Mexico