Harvest Communion

Since time immemorial
people have gathered
around hearth fires and theologies
around alters and relationships
around births and deaths
to bear witness to passionate living
expressed in
laughter and touch
tears and tenderness
anger and pain
silliness and seriousness
fear and vulnerability
courage and valor

People have gathered
around water coolers and wine
around friends and enemies
around tables and in bedrooms
to share the intimacy of an imperfect life
to befriend regret, resentment and bitterness
to soothe grief and heartache
to rejoice in goodness and praise the holy
to companion loneliness and isolation
to find grace in the darkness of despair
to stand in awe of the beautiful and abundant

People have gathered since time immemorial
to bow before all that we don’t know,
all that is and was and shall be.

Gathered now to bear witness,
share the journey,
exchange the stories,
May we open our hearts and minds
And prepare the spirit for the ritual of communion.