Worship Resources

IMG_0017Welcome to  Worship Resources.  

Here you will find a diverse offering of liturgy (chalice lighting words, prayers, opening and closing words) rituals, sermons and services.  I encourage you to use them as written or as inspiration to shape your writing and services.

At the bottom of the page you will find links to some of my favorite resource sites.

Chalice Lighting

Opening Words


Sermons and Services


Benedictions and Closing Words


My Favorite Worship Resource Links:

Unitarian Universalist WorshipWeb
Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship
Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth
Unitarain Universalist Buddhist Fellowship
Covenant of UU Pagans
Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council
International Council of Unitarian Universalists
Religious Naturalist Association
Worship Design Study with Dr. Marcia McFee