O Magnum Mysterium, O Great Mystery

O Magnum Mysterium, O Great Mystery

In reverence and awe
we gather before thee.
From the edges of the expanding darkness,
to the grand depths of the great sea,
to the molten core beneath our feet,
Life emerges – glorious, anew.

Creation blesses us at every turn,
if we but pause long enough,
to be spellbound by the beauty,
to be held captive with wonder and delight.

If we but pause long enough,
to see beyond what the eye beholds,
to quest for the ineffable with mystic gladness.

Gifted with consciousness & agency, creativity and capacity,
we seek to understand our place in the grand order,
we seek purpose amid chaos and destruction,
we seek clarity and resolve in a complicated world,
we seek to bring comfort where there is suffering,
we desire healing to bind up a wounded nation,
an anxious people,
our lonely souls.
And, most of all, may we learn to Love, truly love, authentically Love,
when it is complicated and hard, when our minds resist,
and most of all, when it simply seems, out of our reach.

O’Magnum Mysterium, O’ Great Mystery

We stand before thee humble stewards of Life Expanding,
We strive to be God’s Love,
to be curators of goodness,
to be enlightened beings,
to align with what is right and good,
to serve Life,
to serve Love,
to serve Creation.

In this season of hearth fires and candlelight,
may we seek beauty in the moments,
May our wonder spark joy and laughter
May we welcome both the giving and the receiving,
and, may our quest for peace
begin in the silence of our hearts.

In this Season of hearth fires and candlelight,
May we be inspired by ancient stories,
the birth of a child,
a candle that burns bright,
the enlightenment of humanity,
the returning sun.

In this season of hearth fires and candlelight,
I pray, we see beauty, truth, and Love,
in stories revealing,
in memories making,
in life ever unfolding.

So may it be, Amen.