Opening Words For A New Year


Welcome into the unfolding New year,
It is good to be together, here in
the warmth of community, a welcoming
hearth, the joyful heart. A place
to soothe the weary soul.

Welcome into the unfolding New Year.
It is good to be here, together,
Companions, amid the flurry
of winter’s beauty
and bitter tricks:
cold and ice
salt and sand,
shovels and plows,
hats and mittens,
snow days and body shops
snow skis and snowshoes
hot cocoa and tea.

It is good to be together, partners
in this winter journey, in the land up north
where snow falls, ice forms and seeds,
deep beneath the frozen earth, await
the arrival of spring.

We could have been that seed, or a chickadee
at the feeder or the eternal boulder. How about
a meadow vole burrowing between grass and snow
safe from eagle’s sight.

We could have been… instead, we find
ourselves in human form on earth.
To be human beings, alive in rare ways,
the privilege of consciousness,
the preciousness of life,
called to bear witness to creation.

In birth, in living, in dying,
May we know the privilege,
the preciousness and the sacredness
of this one remarkable life.