Preparing Hearts and Minds (Maine Wabanaki REACH Invocation)

Maine-Wabanaki REACH
First Annual Convening of Allies
July 24, 2016


Creator of all things, great mystery, ever present, known by so many names but never truly know. We stand before thee. Humble and open seeking a more just and equitable nation.

O’ Creator, of all that was, is, and will be, prepare our hearts and minds and spirits for a day of joy and wonder, heartache and struggle. Breathe life, love and hope into this gathering that we may be fortified for the possibility of what today offers.

O’ Creator, we have arrived here, native and non-native, colonized and colonizer, indigenous and settler, oppressed and privileged.

Each of us, regardless of the identities we carry into this room, arrived with anticipation and an eagerness to speak truth to the actions of our ancestors and to take responsibility for the ways our own lives continue to cause harm.

Each of us, regardless of the identities we carry into the room, arrived ready to answer the call to change the narrative.

We arrived with compassion in our hearts and justice on our mind, ready to engage in acts of decolonization and to be a part of building up Wabanaki sovereignty.

O’ Creator, merciful and kind, forgive us, we who arrive with the audacity to claim this work of reconciliation and healing, as we benefit from the very systems of oppression we seek to dismantle.

May we listen more than we talk. May we quiet the defensive mind, the critical mind, the judging mind that we may hold space for silence: for the light of truth to be heard and the soothing balm of grace to heal.

May we lean in curiously. May our questions make room for learning, spark insight, inspire wisdom, and lead us out of complacency into intentional acts of resistance.

May we find the courage to speak truth to our experiences, shedding tears of awareness, sifting through and struggling with guilt. May we find the courage to be vulnerable, to be real, as we rebuild relationships our of destructive paths of a colonized nation.

In speaking truth to the full realities of our lives, the lives of our ancestors, may we shatter the distorted histories, the purposeful illusions, and the lies shaping our nation and holding the human heart and mind hostage.

May we, the bearers of truth revealed, find the tenacity and humility to face the hard realities with accountability and, when appropriate, apologies. May we turn these hard earned truths into effective action.

In these acts of listening, leaning in curiously, holding silence, and speaking truth, may we build a worthy foundation to stand as allies.

From the fragmented and shattered, from the spoken truth, from the righting of wrongs and the healing of souls, may we learn to walk as allies: aware, humble, and ready to step up, when asked, by the native people: the Penobscot, the Passamaquoddy, the Micmac, The Maliseet and the Abenaqi.

O Creator, may we be powerful allies in the call to restore indigenous culture, identity, spirituality and sovereignty in the land of the Wabanaki people.

O’ Creator of all things, we know this is our work to do, and we know we are part of something much bigger than we can ever fully understand.

Hold us and guide us in this endeavor.
Shine light on what is right and good.

Keep us on a path of humility.

Give us strength and courage

to face the challenges that lie ahead.

O’ Creator of all things, breath life, love and hope into this gathering that we may be fortified for the possibility of what today offers.

So may it be, May it be so