Reclaiming the Heart of Humanity

Working together for a world of compassion, peace, justice and sustainability.

I'g Going Parliment

This week the Parliament of the World’s Religion program app arrived in my email. Inspired, overwhelmed and humbled are three words that come to mind when I imagine being in the room with so many mentors who have unknowingly guided my life and shaped my ministry. These mentors have arrived from all corners of the world, from an abundance of religious traditions through books, media, lectures, classrooms, and various conference venues over the years. People like His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dr. Karen Armstrong, Eboo Patel, Dr. Jim Wallis, Marianne Williamson to name a few.  Their wisdom and  teachings have been seminal in my growth and formation as a religious leaders. They have informed my spiritual development, inspire my justice seeking, motivate my desire to be ally, and my efforts to build partnership connections across class, race, creed, culture, sexual orientation, ability and borders.

And there will be countless opportunities to engage and walk with leaders, like myself, from across the globe.  People who show up everyday to joyfully greet the world with compassion, strength, hope and faith. People who know the road from love to peace, fairness, equality and justice can be filled with potholes and darkness, strife and grief. People who show up anyway to do the work of God, Great Spirit, Allah, Jehovah,  Ultimate Mystery. People who believe in the goodness of mankind and the power of belief. People who love because they don’t know anything else. People who care for the earth and its people on behalf of the care that cares for us all. I will be one among them. Seeking the spiritual, intellectual, and social nourishment necessary to sustain, inspire and hold space for the heart of humanity to rise above division, hate, intolerance and injustice.

World leaders, religious and faithful, average people arriving from all corners of the world to share in a dream, inspired by an enduring belief in goodness and love, and held together by an ever abiding faith in a global community united and rising strong.