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LD 914 – An Act To Establish Indigenous People’s Day

LD 914 Committee on Local and State Government
March 22, 2017

Hello my name is Rev. Carie Johnsen. I am a Unitarian Universalist Minister. I am co-convener of the Decolonizing Faith project at Maine Wabanacki REACH. I am here today to urge you to vote ought to pass on LD 914 An Act to Establish Indigenous People’s Day.

Two years ago the Capital Area Multi-faith Association led a Thanksgiving Interfaith Service titled “Turning Toward Truth: Forging a New Story of Thanksgiving.” In this service we sought to dismantle the distorted history and American mythology of Christopher Columbus by speaking truth to the conquest, terrorization and genocide of the indigenous people. We spoke truth to the role of the church by naming the devastating impact the 16th Century Papel Bulls known as the Doctrine of Discovery had and continue to have on rights of indigenous people and tribal sovereignty.

I ask you to take the same steps in turning toward truth by speaking honestly about our shared national history. With an end of Columbus Day, we acknowledge the attempted conquest of a people and their land. With the end of Columbus Day,we are saying NO to the glorification of the American story of Racism, domination, colonization, and genocide.

I enthusiastically support the establishment of Indigenous People’s Day and urge you to vote ought to pass. The establishment of Indigenous People’s Day commemorates the history and present day story of indigenous people, their resistance and their resilience. It is one small step in turning toward right relationship and repairing the harm. It is an opportunity to turn the corner and begin to build bridgers between the St
Ate of Maine and Wabanaki Nations.

Establishing Indigenous People’s Day is the moral imperative of our time. It is simply the right thing to do.