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Fall meditation for spiritual growth through change and transitions

img_8788 I invite you to get comfortable in your seats. Put your feet flat on the ground beneath you. Relax into this space with a couple of deep breaths.

Breathing in peace. Breathing out love.
Breathe in love. Breathe out peace.

Settle into your bodies. Bringing your minds to a resting place. Letting of the the worries and concerns from your day or week. Center you mind on your heart and feel the heartbeat of love radiating through your body.

Imagine your feet have grown roots and are pushing through the floor deep into the earths rich and fertile soil. Imagine those roots growing and expanding out through the earth touching and entwining with the roots of others in this room. Imagine the deep nourishment you draw from mother earth as your roots find a home in the terrestrial territory below.

Now imagine your roots twisting with your neighbors and interlinking with someone across the room. Imagine the wisdom, strength and resilience of this community in which you chose to gather, nurture, grow and interweave your own wisdom, strength and resilience.

I invite you to hold your leaf. Gaze upon the sturdiness of this life form that is decaying before our eyes. As the season of fall descends, our air shifts, the cool winds arrive, the night sky extends longer into our days and the trees begin to prepare the earth below our feet for a deep winter respite.

What in you is seeking a deep winter rest?
What leaf is waiting for you to let go that it might drift slowly into mother earth’s welcoming embrace?
What in you is willing itself to be laid to rest?

Breathe into this reality. Bring acceptance and peace to knowing this part of your soul desires to no longer cling.

Breathe in acceptance! Breathe out and release!
Breathe in Love! Breathe out and release!

I invite you hold your acorn. Gaze upon this seed of life. Within this seed is almost everything necessary to grow into a mighty oak. This seed knows what needs to be done. It knows what it is called to be. With sunlight and water, this seed will one day sprout and burst through earths uppermost crust.

Everyday we die a bit and everyday we are reborn into something new. What in you is seeking life?
What in you is stretching and growing, ready to burst forth on a new day?

You have everything within you to give birth to your dreams, the passions that keep you awake at night, the visions of renewal, the heart that seeks rest.

Breathe in light. Breathe out hope.
Breathe in life. Breathe out love.

You hold in your heart all that you need to bring rest the worn, the old, the decayed.

You hold in your heart all that you need to sustain life in times of rest, in times of seeking, in times of growing.

As you contemplate your hearts knowing, I invite you to return back to this room and gaze upon the community. As you look around at the people in this sacred space, remember the roots you laid down.

Your roots are intricately connected to a community that is here to help and heal and hold you.

Your roots are entwined with a community that cares for all that is our life.

May this spirit be with you through all the days of your life.