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Opening Prayer Maine Senate

Spirit of Life, Love and all that is Holy, we gather in these chambers made sacred
by the presence of your people, committed to what is right and good and true.

Called by something beyond ourselves and within ourselves, we gather:
the eyes and ears and heart and mind of God, know by many names
but never truly know.

By the will of people, we gather.
May our discourse and debate expand possibilities, generate creative resolution,
and affirm life and love.

May our compromises, our decisions, and our votes, bring strength, compassion, equity, and justice to all that is, was, and will be.

We gather with ideals and passions, convictions and power:

May our shared dreams, divergent ideas, and conflicting commitments merge in a circle of mutuality with each other, with the people we are called to serve, and with all of God’s creation.

Guided by wisdom greater than ourselves, may we hold this work in the open palm of our hand to be refined, strengthened and, perhaps replaced. May we suspend knowing, listen to understand, expand options, and craft the impossible.

May the marginalized, oppressed, and suffering be the breath that leads our ideals.

May our outcomes serve the people, all of the people, God’s people. We are the stewards; God calls us to love, to care, to serve with compassion, to be architects of a more equitable and just nation, to unite with a global community.

Assembled in the call to serve,
gathered in this place of privilege, as people of privilege,
Spirit of Life, Love, and all that is Holy,
be here now.

So may it be. May it be so. Amen.