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This day, a depository of abundance

This day, a depository of abundance,
faith lingers
joy thrives
hope dwells
love reigns
if we but chose to make it so.

This hour, a reservoir of grace,
truths revealed,
vulnerabilities appeased,
companions exposed,
relationships awakened,
if we but chose to make it so.
This moment, a gateway,
wide vistas,
bright horizons,
melting stones,
crumbling walls,
if we but chose to make it so.

Come my friends, enter
that we may fill the void
with abundance and grace.

Bound Up With Humanity

Bound up with humanity and united in life,
we gather in the shelter of faith, hope and love.
Nestled in the sweet company of
open hearts, curious minds, and generous spirit,
we settle into the beating pulse of transcendent mystery.
Called to truth,
guided by the ineffable,
the path opens,
the way is made clear.
the adventurous soul follows;
trust leads us on.
Called by life
Gather by faith
may our time together be an aspiration,
an emergence of goodness and light.