Welcome into this space made holy by your presence…

Welcome, Welcome in
Whoever you are
From wherever you have come from
We are glad that you have chosen
this time and space to enter
into this most amazing day.

Welcome, Welcome in
Welcome into this space made sacred by your presence
For here, the laughter of the children reminds us of our youth
For here, the tears of grief will be greeted with the grace of
human touch

For here, the cooing of a child will be experienced as a breath of fresh air
For here, the frustration of the week can be released with song and prayer
For here, the disappointment of life’s journey will find new alignment in the company of others
For here, the gladness in our hearts is met with delight
For here, we revel in authentic expressions of our complicated messy lives

Welcome, Welcome into this holy space,
Where we affirm the goodness of humanity
lift up the infinite manifestations of Mystery
known by many names but never fully known.

Welcome, Welcome in
Welcome into this sacred space made holy by YOUR presence.
May you find joy and laughter, healing and comfort,celebration and affirmation
May your time with us sustain you in your days ahead.
May the company of others hold you in the palm of God’s hands
as we affirm our living and find purpose in our dying.